Trey Steele

Trey Steele


  • CrossFit level 1


I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2012 and was quickly hooked. I saw results in a short period of time and knew then that it really worked. And best of all, it was fun. Seriously.

Fun! I love helping people do things they never knew they could accomplish. As a long time endurance triathlete and cyclist, I know that the body can do more than the brain thinks it can. I love to celebrate those breakthroughs with athletes like you every day! My goal is for every client I train with to say “Thanks for the great workout. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!” To achieve that I will probably push you a little harder than you thought you could go and encourage you to lift a little heavier than you thought you could lift. Know that I will always have your best interest at heart and will watch you closely so that if I need to I will correct your form to prevent injury. Doing those things assures me that you will see results.

Outside of the gym, I am active in my local church, an avid fly fisher, and wine lover. Work hard, play hard. My wife Casey and I are the proud parents of three children: Quade, Jack, and Alli.

  • I have the best workout ever when I’m listening to: the sounds of encouragement from my coach and other athletes.
  • I’m challenged by: a desire to see just how far we can actually push ourselves.
  • When I’m not working out I’m: Doing something with my family. They are a source of strength for me. We’re one of those crazy families that actually enjoys doing EVERYTHING together. At least that’s what our kids say!
  • You’ll see me smiling when: someone attempts something in the gym they’ve never tried. Anyone can do things they already know how to do. It takes courage to try new things and I love seeing that.
  • If I were an animal I’d be an: supple leopard. If you don’t know what that is, ask me sometime. We should all aspire to be supple leopards!

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