post2 “CrossFit 737 has been our favorite spot to work out for 3 yrs. The positive, family oriented environment promoted by the owners and coaches is what keeps us coming back. My strength and overall well-being has improved dramatically since we’ve joined the CrossFit 737 family.”
– Rusty Russell

post2 “”I’ve struggled for a long time to find an exercise routine that was both fun and effective. I found that and more at 737. Not only do I get a great workout, but I do it with the confidence that the coaches will ensure I execute the moves fundamentally correct. This is critical for a safe and effective CrossFit workout and the coaches at 737 excel at it. When you combine all this with awesome people to workout with it makes for a great time.”
– Mike B.

post2 “What I love most is the community of people who are all loving, encouraging, and make you feel like a champion no matter what fitness level you walk in at!”
– Alison Keber

post2 ” This is the best CrossFit Gym in South Austin! Coach Denise and Coach Chris are outstanding. They focus on teaching me proper form and technique to minimize the risks of injury.”
– Belia Russell

post2 ” One thing that is important to people achieving a goal that benefits them is having people around them that help encourage and achieve. This community is more than just the coaches. It brings everyone to a common ground. Young or not as young.”
– David Pineda

post2 “CrossFit 737 feels more like a family than any other gym or box I’ve been to before. Everyone is so kind and inviting regardless of if it’s your first class or you’ve been doing CF for years. I have made many wonderful friends & met many inspiring people while attending 737. I love how much push & encouragement the coaches give to you & the entire experience at 737 makes it easily one of my favorite places to be!”
– Tara Donahue

post2 “It’s like recess for grown-ups! So much fun. Outstanding coaches and friendly people to work out with.”
– Janet Ingram

post2 “Friendly, professional and patient! Love this place!”
– Amy

post2 “Before you read this testimonial I need you to block out any premonition of what you assume CrossFit is, just drop kick it out of your mind…Now close your eyes and think of these three words: community, health, and strength. If you need any of those in your life CrossFit 737 is for you. As a new mom who comes from a background of triathlons, CrossFit 737 has given me a new outlook on fitness, health, and strength. I work from home most the time and so having an outlet like CrossFit has allowed me to grow physically and mentally. I am glad I found this community of people that have truly inspired me! My 737 family inspires me daily and in so many ways, they hold me accountable and motivated helps me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”
– Amy Lynn Gawlik

post2 “Truly the best place to work out while surrounding yourself with some of the most motivating people. Everyone in the gym makes you feel at home but most importantly we are a strong team. The coaches are amazing. Come try once and you will be hooked.”
– Bridget Shoemaker

review1-compressor “I started working out at CrossFit 737 nearly two years ago after I moved my business and family to Austin. I didn’t know too much about CrossFit, but I wanted to regain a level of fitness that I had lost over the previous years, so I gave it a shot. Since that time my body has transformed, I am in the best shape of my life, and I can do things in the gym that I could never have done in my 20’s. I have also witnessed some incredible transformations of other members. The owners, Chris and Denise, have created a culture of fitness, encouragement, and accountability that simply doesn’t exist at other gyms. The coaches at 737 are friendly, knowledgeable and excellent at coaching members of all skill levels. You will never feel uncomfortable at this gym regardless of your fitness level. The strong emphasis on proper warm up routine and lifting technique ensure that you train properly at all times.”

Whether your fitness goals include getting back into shape or training for competitive athletic events, this is the place to be. You will not be disappointed.
– Ashton James, Kelly’s Kids Inc

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