Jordan Kratsas - JoJo

INTERN - Summer of 2022
Jordan Kratsas - JoJo


  • 737 Internship
  • CrossFit Level 1


Jordan is attending the University of Tennessee and working towards her degree in Sports Management. Jordan began interning with 737 during the summer of 2022 to learn about the overall business of coaching and managing a gym. Jordan is dedicated to her health and those around her. 

I have played sports my whole life, soccer, cheer, dance, basketball, you name it, I’ve probably played it. I’ve always loved sports and always thought I would play sports in college. Unfortunately, I tore my hamstring, which resulted in rethinking that collegiate athlete route. 

I stopped playing club soccer and continued playing in high school and had an opportunity to become an athletic trainer at the school. This was a turning point for me realizing my passion for working with athletes.  I chose to study Sports Management in my first year at the University of Tennessee for the wide variety of future opportunities.  I am excited to intern at CrossFit 737 as it will allow me to gain knowledge in coaching, understand the psychology of all types of athletes and gain an understanding of how to run the business from the front line and the back end. 

  • I have the best workout when listing to: EDM Taylor Swift, 2000’s classics, or just loud music
  • I’m challenged by: stepping out of my comfort zone. I am more comfortable sticking with what I know; this internship has made me have to get used to change since no day is the same, and everything can change in a split second.
  • When I’m not working out: I am out in the sun or hanging out with my friends. 
  • You’ll see my smiling when: I’m dancing, with my friends and family, or learning something new! 
  • If I were an animal, I’d be: a golden retriever 

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