Chorizo + Eggs + Veggies = Happiness

D’s new morning favorite!

5oz of chorizo

1 red bell pepper

1 Japanese or sweet potato

A handful of spinach

6-8 eggs

Peel and cut your potato, chop your bell pepper. Place potato in boiling water to soften

Cook chorizo and add in bell peppers, once chorizo is 90% complete add in 6-8 whipped eggs to the mixture and cook to your likings (or cook eggs separately and top later)

Once potato is soft, drain water and add your potato to your chorizo egg-pepper mix

Add in one handful of spinach and turn off the stove, cover the pan for 5-10 minutes


If you want to turn this into a casserole, cook the ingredients (except eggs and spinach), layer all in a glass pan (I spray with coconut oil first – spinach, then cooked potatoes, then chorizo and peppers, then more spinach. Then crack eggs over the pan and bake for 15-20 minutes until the eggs are cooked to your desire!